Promote your brand to target audience with immediate measurable results in China – celebrity Weibo (China version twitter)

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Celebrity twitters in China has been able to promote brands draw immediate advertising results through Weibo Ad with measurable ROI. How does it work?

As above and below the line advertisements are everywhere in China, it is hard to stand out from the crowd if you ad is not bigger or unique and appear in appropriate channels. Chinese consumers have many choices these days and they trust comments found online from third-party. Social media marketing is an important tool for China brand development.

Celebrity Weibo usually carry over seven to eight figures fans base. Every Weibo Ad launched through such sites will carry a spiral exposure effect and bring in new fans to advertisers.

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Weibo Ad is not an organic tool, but it brings immediate measurable results.  In order to maximize advertising objectives, advertisers need to select most suitable sites to reach right target audience. One could place ad directly or through soft selling on selected sites.

There are many celebrity weibo to choose from. The range is pretty wide, from finance to health to lifestyle. Besides interest group, advertisers could narrow down target audience base on demographics : age group, gender, region. The beauty of Weibo Ad is its ability to provide measurable results within mins or day.

Having said that, implementing Weibo Ad does require skills and experience as the demographics selection is limited. Your ability in allocating right schedule and ad frequency with convincing campaign message will determine the results of the Weibo campaign.

Share with us your experience in Weibo Ad or your China social media.

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The Secret of Designers’ Success – Social Media Secrets

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Have you wonder what could be difference between a successful designer and one who tried twice as hard and never get a break?

Besides talent, network, exposure, money, knowledge and operation support, the concoction cannot be completed without participation of fans. Only with a group of advocates are you a step ahead.

While waiting to be discovered, consider taking advantage of technology, using social media to build your brand.

The benefits are huge. You are talking directly with fans, create awareness, communicate and hear what they say about you. You can decide on your product launch at anytime. Link your collection to e-Shop or your retail outlet and start promoting, interacting and selling immediately.

What you now need is a social media specialist to put things together while leaving you to continue to do your best creation.

Do consider a proper social media company that can deliver quality result for you. It is a human intensive work and should be done be a team with product and market knowledge. Social media specialist needs to work on the fundamental of the market, corporate / brand philosophy combine with human psychology, sociology and technology to help you grow strategically.

Understand what the audience wants and provide the kind of information that are inviting. Simply promoting your brand, offering discount without other interesting content could be a put off to fans and eventually cause them to fade out.

While you are creating, consider using technology to help you grow. Select a right social media company to help you grow your fans base and involve in answering fans on a fixed schedule weekly. Leave social media to the expert.