Consumers engagement pattern has caused a major marketing shift in recent years. Social media has outgrown many marketing channels and Chinese embrace it most compare to their fellow users around the world.

Just which social media platform will have fastest results in China marketing? If you are thinking of WeChat, you might have to think twice.

WeChat with over 800 million Monthly Active Users (MAU), is now the most popular tool that marketers think highly upon. No doubt, its multi-tasking ability and user-friendly structure greatly influence consumers’ life. It is a good brand-building channel, but definitely not the fastest outreach tool you expect it to be. A quick engagement outcome is a result of several concoctions and WeChat is where direct communication with fans take place.

Compare to WeChat, Weibo has ‘merely’ 269 Million MAU, but promotion results without advertising, Weibo scores high. This Twitter simulated platform could easily capture 6-figure impressions and above in any campaign, if it is being properly delivered.

Needless to say, media buy could now provide pretty accurate target audience data with quick results, measurable KPI and enable ROI calculation. If cost is not an issue, this is definitely the fast way to reach out to Chinese audience. However, it cannot do without the help of a landing point, which is the social media platform.

Without advertising, WeChat and Weibo combined effort could still reach KPI, but with longer lead-time and it is not impossible.

All marketing tools are inter-related as consumers are more complex than we think. The traditional marketing funnel system no longer applies. Integrated engagement effort does. In other words, you have to be on multi channels at all level of your marketing outreach effort. Ultimately, content is still the king.

The best solution is to start with on solid ground. Establish a quality Weibo and WeChat platform. A good campaign strategy combine with media buy and social media channels would be the most effective marketing strategy.


How to use WeChat to grow your China business

The latest mobile network tool, WeChat

             – How it helps retails to engage Chinese fans

Burberry has successfully engaged fans through WeChat and Inernational online platform.

Burberry has successfully engaged fans through WeChat and International online platform.

WeChat is the latest mobile network tool that many brands use to grow their China corporate business and retail status.


It is more than a Whatsapp. The additional social network option, ‘moments’ allow public sharing with similar functionality like Facebook. Brands have taken advantage of ‘public accounts’ to share through celebrities and influencers to reach out to their target audience.


WeChat allows sharing by invitation only, which seems somewhat restricted. However, its playful tools like ‘Shake’, ‘Message Bottle’ and ‘QR code’ combining with offline marketing effort, helps brand to mobilize fans. If these tools are being used effectively, the result could be worth the while since the number of users on WeChat is increasing rapidly.


There are a lot of opportunities for company who wants to promote and sell through WeChat. The chance of having a successful launch, pre-defined clear objectives and goals are necessary.


Within corporate account registration on WeChat, it has separated between two types of function, namely ‘Subscription’ and ‘Service’ account. Both require brands with China registered company. Either account provides more flexibility in communications with back office menu set up and traffic data reports.


‘Service Account’ allows brands like Sephora to establish direct sales channel on its existing WeChat without moving out of the platform. It is smooth and easy for transactions to take place. To establish this, there are requirements that company needs to fulfill besides being a registered China company.


With the growing list of shops, malls, group purchase channels on WeChat, there are many ways to further enhance brand’s presence even without an official account. Why is it important to establish a mobile presence in China in addition to desktop set up? 10 out of 9 young Chinese carry smart phone. News, information and online social activities take place on their mobile gadget. Chinese netizens trust comments through their social media network. Any brand wishes to establish a rapport with its target audience needs to be seen and found online and especially on mobile tools.


Bringing your social media mobile is no longer an option, but a requirement. WeChat is presently the best mobile network tool to penetrate into China market.




Promote your brand to target audience with immediate measurable results in China – celebrity Weibo (China version twitter)

weibo logo

Celebrity twitters in China has been able to promote brands draw immediate advertising results through Weibo Ad with measurable ROI. How does it work?

As above and below the line advertisements are everywhere in China, it is hard to stand out from the crowd if you ad is not bigger or unique and appear in appropriate channels. Chinese consumers have many choices these days and they trust comments found online from third-party. Social media marketing is an important tool for China brand development.

Celebrity Weibo usually carry over seven to eight figures fans base. Every Weibo Ad launched through such sites will carry a spiral exposure effect and bring in new fans to advertisers.

Weibo ad

Weibo Ad is not an organic tool, but it brings immediate measurable results.  In order to maximize advertising objectives, advertisers need to select most suitable sites to reach right target audience. One could place ad directly or through soft selling on selected sites.

There are many celebrity weibo to choose from. The range is pretty wide, from finance to health to lifestyle. Besides interest group, advertisers could narrow down target audience base on demographics : age group, gender, region. The beauty of Weibo Ad is its ability to provide measurable results within mins or day.

Having said that, implementing Weibo Ad does require skills and experience as the demographics selection is limited. Your ability in allocating right schedule and ad frequency with convincing campaign message will determine the results of the Weibo campaign.

Share with us your experience in Weibo Ad or your China social media.

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Simple social media approach to draw Chinese shoppers – Baidu and Weibo power


If your retail outlets are overseas, how do you attract Chinese shoppers to your stores?  Social media has a big role to play in creating China business opening for you. Baidu and Weibo are the two channels you need to explore for your China retail strategy. The first is China largest search engine and the latter carries China twitter function. Both set-up are the must have for any B2C enterprise who wish to attract Chinese customers.

The online practice habit of Chinese consumers is what makes Baidu important. Information on e-platform has great influence on Chinese consumers buying decision. It is very common for them to check first online to verify information they receive. For shoppers, they will visit outlets and compare prices online to make buying decision.

The online practice habit of Chinese consumers is what makes Baidu important. Information on e-platform has great influence on Chinese consumers buying decision. It is very common for them to check first online to verify information they receive. For shoppers, they will visit outlets and compare prices online to make buying decision.

Once they participate, you have created a successful campaign and your fans will start growing. The result does not stop there. These fans would be able to start buying from you when they visit or ask third party to purchase on their behalf, which is very common among Chinese community. They need not visit your shop. Those who can be found on Baidu, start seeing attract of Chinese visitors increase. If you wish to achieve what they did, here are some of the basic steps your need to attract Chinese customers to you :

Step 1: Be visible on Baidu search

Baidu is one of the largest search engine in China. It commands 70% online users population in China.

Your name should be listed on Baidu through PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising while you work on your organic listing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Baidu.

Step 2 : Present yourself through Weibo

Having a website in English and Chinese is only a start. It does not bring traffic. You need to attract and engage customers to your site. One of the important B2C tool is Chinese twitter called Weibo.

Step 3 : Strategic campaigns to grow your business

To make Weibo serves you successful, your voice has to be heard. Don’t hard sell your products unless you are providing very good offer. Communicate with your customers like you want to be approached. Add interesting elements in their life. Let them want to come back often for a good time. Every message you twit should carry weight and encourage action.

If you still don’t get the kind or response you wish to achieve, consider tapping on Weibo Ad and WeChat campaigning to give you a head start.

Weibo Ad gets you appear on celebrity tweeters, which help you draw their fans to you. The result is visible within very short time. WeChat should be your next level of communication media as smart phone is a common tool among Chinese consumers. To make success WeChat campaign, you must first accumulate quality fans and structure your campaign well. This we will discuss in another occasion.

Chinese consumers are dominating retail scene global wise. Retailers from everywhere are trying to attract them to their outlets. Are you drawing customers to you? Give it a thought about your presence in China. Internet can bring you very close to your Orient customers.

Red Line China Retail helps overseas retailers to establish their presence in China through Baidu PPC, SEO, WeiBo and WeChat setup and specialized in managing campaigns that attract fans.